Since 2019, I've documented many strong and brilliant residents for news outlets such as The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, The Marshall Project, The Dallas Morning News, and the international news source NZZ.  In the images above I was able to shoot the image above of Mike April, who lived in Fort Worth, Texas, and chatted via online video with his wife, Heather April, who is incarcerated at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Oregon.

Above Images:

1. Sheriff Larry Smith, left, outside the Smith County Sheriff's office


2. Ms. Mason, a 46-year-old grandmother from the Fort Worth area, has been in the news on and off since 2016 when Texas prosecutors decided she was a vote fraudster so dangerous that justice demanded she be sentenced to five years behind bars.


3. Will Grogan, 15 of Dallas, a previously healthy, athletic, top student who got Covid when he was 14 and has had several long Covid issues including brain fog, dizziness, suddenly being unable to walk more than 10 steps.

4. Mr. Khaliq and Ms. Oport are among hundreds of victims and family members at the center of a years-long process to remove Sudan from a U.S. government list of state sponsors of terrorism. Doing so will open the way for the East African country to move toward economic stability, and potentially greater democracy, after a generation of oppression.

5.Dalila Reynoso near the door where detainees were released from the Smith County jail in Tyler, Texas, in March.

6. Kamla Harris visits Forth Worth, Texas during the 2020 election campaign.

7. Frida Espinosa-Müller works on a Day of the Dead harness for puppets in Dallas. The puppets are part of a protest organized by Cara Mia Theatre and LULAC.

8. Half sisters Donna Fields (left) and Renee Phillips (right), at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, were close as youngsters, sharing a father who was a Baptist preacher and a grandmother who touched the TV to pray with televangelists.