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Inspiring The Youth

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I was invited to career day by my buddy Tylah (a great teacher) at Edward Titche Elementary. Man those kids were so cool. I showed them a bit of my work during a presentation and left off with a mini assignment after. After showing them an animation I created of a character I created called “Chad The Pup” I handed out a creative worksheet with a description of what was required.

To give you more information – my character is a puppy that fights crime. He can be a bit mean when he needs food but other than that he loves to save the world. The only thing is Mr. Chad The Pup was in dire need of a sidekick. I had all of the kids use the remaining time of my visit with them to help me create a character on the worksheets provided.

The plan was the let the kiddos spend a week or two on the drawings, gather them from their teacher when done, and make a character / sidekick with the different traits from all of their sketches. They all did a good job but there was one kid in the class really happy and excited about this activity. He showed a lot of interest in my work. He had many questions about the industry which made me very happy because he was so young. I know the little ones are loaded down with their own lives and other school work so I got just one sketch back. It was the drawing from the little one with all the questions.

“Try to help change the world by inspiring others.”

As promised I Illustrated his character (which was really easy because he did the creative planning). I printed a poster of it out on foam core and his amazing teacher came to pick it up. Below is a picture of our amazing collaboration. The picture of him holding his work made my day. May this kid be blessed and go for his dreams. I hope this interaction will inspire him to go off to be the best artist ever and feel good about it. It’s always the little things. Let his light shine #Supportthekids. Their dreams so matter so inspire them all.

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