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The Beauty of South Dallas

The process of capturing the beauty that is an individual's spirit has always been very intriguing to me. The art of storytelling has always influenced my multimedia artwork, and for that I’m grateful. My eagerness and love for the world and others have pushed me to produce a body of work highlighting environmental spaces, communities, and individual muses. South Dallas is a large area, and I wanted to make sure to capture the essence of the land. I was incredibly thrilled about being given the opportunity to create under the Juanita Craft House Artist Residency, which is supported by the South Dallas Cultural Center.


The beauty of both the residents and the landscape in South Dallas is truly captivating. Numerous aging structures stand as symbolic reminders of the challenges individuals in this community have confronted throughout their upbringing, embodying remarkable resilience. As South Dallas undergoes various phases of revitalization, the prospect of gentrification raises concerns. My objective revolved around preserving the essence of present-day South Dallas before the forthcoming changes take hold. Undoubtedly, the current tapestry of individuals and locations within South Dallas possesses an unparalleled beauty that deserves to be celebrated and preserved.

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