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The Self Publication 

Over the past four years, I have dedicated my efforts to The Self Publication—a photographic book and exhibit series that I conceived to challenge and dispel the harmful stereotypes often associated with the Black Community. This initiative was not only aimed at countering these negative perceptions but also at critically examining the portrayal of the Black Community in media and the detrimental impacts of such representations.


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Three completed publications, each spanning 74 pages, showcase a collection of images featuring 28 participants illuminated by natural light. As the photographer and editor of this series, I've overseen the creation of social media videos and various print materials to accompany the project. Notably, this endeavor serves as a precursor to a forthcoming documentary centered around the themes of historical trauma and the contemporary mental well-being of individuals in my very community.

The first exhibition showcasing this publication was hosted at the South Dallas Cultural Center, garnering attention from reputable media  outlets such as the Dallas Morning News and D Magazine. To provide a glimpse of the content, an excerpt from Volume 2 is included below.

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