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Sony Alpha Female – Here Are The Winners

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I was so excited about the Sony Alpha Female Creators-in-Residence program. With nearly 6,000 applicants it was felt great being one of the five. All of the women that submitted are all so talented and it’s feel good being connected to many of them online! Most of the women are apart of the Sony Alpha Female group on Facebook! What a great group! You can check it out here: Sony Alpha Female Facebook.

The Sony Alpha Female program  attracts some of the most talented women photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and animators. I’m so happy to be apart of the Sony team. It’s like a dream come true.  When I heard about the program I couldn’t believe it. It was super awesome hearing about a program so dedicated to helping women photographers shine. I spent a bit of time on my submission because I really wanted it to showcase my heart, my passion for photography, and my goals for the program that in turn would help my career. Follow how it all went below.

Step 1 – Written Submission I edited and submitted my resume, questionnaire, and written proposal. I was detailed because I really wanted them to see my vision! I was writing everything from the heart and to be honest my written information helped me construct my video. When filming I didn’t follow a script, I just talked. I talked a short moment about who I was and the rest followed.

Step 2 – The Video

“When I created my video, I spoke from the heart.”

Now The Wait! The wait was fun! There were so many cool submissions I watch after submitting my application. It was refreshing seeing the work of so many passionate and talented women! I followed many of them online after a while and we begin connecting via social media.

The Winners (WHOA) When I found out I was one of the winners I remember sitting on my room floor. My bunny rabbit was laying around as usual waiting for me to give her more food. When I received the email it felt surreal. “I never win anything!” I thought. I kept staring at the email and reading it over and over just to make sure I didn’t read anything by mistake. For the next few months and even now it felt like I was walking on clouds. Getting that notice make me feel powerful. It made my love for photography and design grow even more. I was super nervous but ready for what the program had in store. It was a true blessing! My assigned mentor MeRa Koh.

What we received:  Money to take our careers to the next level. $5,000 in gear. A mentorship from another successful Alpha Female. Extensive education opportunities. Networking events with other creators in New York and Los Angeles. An exhibit of your work at the end of the program.  We also traveled for our networking events and retreats. To add on we had the chance to visit London to see our work in the Sony World Awards exhibit and attend the show! Check out images from that trip below.


Los Angeles

New York

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