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The Smart Project Creative After School Program

I came up with the idea for The Smart Project back in 2015. I work with three other amazing girls now!

The very first creative session ran this past October (2019) each Tuesday after-school. For a project inspired by the 1994 project “The Roof is on Fire” by Suzanne Lacy, eight students created artist trading cards tackling social issues THEY wanted to address. These teens have voices that must be heard! The youth will lead tomorrow and we must support them as much as we can!

It was a great turn out. upon completion, the student’s received a small portable Sony speaker, a purple backpack to store art goodies, a branded t-shirt, and a cool sketchbook. Thank you to all the students who joined or very first Drawing & 2D-Design workshop. I am very happy to help creative teens go to the next level!

Many children who attend after-school programs build great relationships and networks for their futures. Many programs spark better school attendance rates, reduce harsh incidents of behavior problems and improves creative and academic performance.  The program I created has a focus on social and emotional development, and academics, yippie!

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Kierra Boe
Kierra Boe
Dec 06, 2020

The Smart Project Afterschool Program Is absolutely amazing! Its inspired me to take better photographs, Thanks Nitashia!

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